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A boy at station.. March 4, 2010

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by my friend ashok

Sitting at the station
Forced to wait,
I cursed the train for being so late
Delayed 10 hours already
I’ll be boarding tomorrow at this rate

If it weren’t enough
the weather wasnt making the job any easy
The temperatures kept going down
and it kept getting more breezy

As I looked around
I saw a boy,
The sight of which
brought me no joy
He was just wearing a shirt
In all this cold
Covered with dirt
and that too very old
That day being a holiday
brought him no good
For he still had to work(shoe polishing)
to get his food

I took a bedsheet and
walked upto him
I said
“Itni thand main mat raho
bimar pad jaaoge”
He said
“Bimar hi padunga na,
lekin marunga nahi,
Jab tak zinda hoon
aaram karunga nahi
Paise k liye kaam to karna hi padta hai
kabhi kabhi dard bhi sahna padta hai”
Frustrated I said
“ye chadar rakh lo
tumhare kaam aayega
Is kadkadati thand main isse
tumhe thoda to aaram aayega”
He replied
“Waise main khairat leta nahi
lekin aaj lene ka man hai
kyuki ye chadar ab chadar nahi
meri mari hui maa ka kafan hai”



Things I hate about you.. February 28, 2010

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I hate the way you talk to me and hate the way you take my care,
I hate the way you  drive my emotion I hate it when you stare,
I hate your big dumb combat boosts and the way you read my minds,
I hate you so much it  makes me sick,it even makes me rhyme,
I hate it-I hate the way you are always right,I hate when u lie,
I hate when you make me laugh,even worse when you make me cry,
I hate when you are not around and the fact you didn’t call,
“but mostly, i hate the way i don’t hate you,not even close,
not even little bit,not even at all


Note -this poetry is taken from movie(10 things I hate about you)


About knowledge, I am not so sure February 23, 2010

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By My Friend Ashok

Again its that time of the year
when books seem far
everything else seems near
The exams are a few days away
but I am not worried
coz all hopes of getting good marks
are already buried

Such a difficult ask it is
Such a herculean task it is
All those long answers
that continue to bug
Ridiculous facts and figures
we have to mug

Should getting marks be our only aim?
Are we culprits too?
or the education system is to blame?
Don’t ask me…….
for I don’t know
even something like
What separates ice from snow.

The structure impresses
but the foundation is weak
everyone’s hopeful
but the future is bleak
Sounding so hopeless,
might not sound right
But I am just expressing
a student’s plight.

But all hope is not yet lost
Ill get a degree at any cost
About knowledge,
I am not so sure
I just hope this paralyzed system
finds a cure.



Deafening Silence February 21, 2010

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By My friend Ashok

There used to be a boy
who didn’t talk too much
not very gregarious
very introvert as such

People often asked
“Are you too arrogant?
Or just too shy?”
“Silence is golden”
They always got the reply

He had his own world
beautiful,ordinary and simple
driven by fantasy,
filled with ecstasy
A world where the heart was not for sale
and everything happened
as if he was in a fairy tale

But every tale has to have a twist
this tale was no different
A twist to which he was blissfully oblivious
The entry of a girl,
seemed painfully obvious

In she came and wrecked havoc
in his orderly life
“Silence is golden” was a thing of the past
In his conversations with her
for him,
time flew just too fast

With her
everything seemed possible
every dream plausible
every height scalable

But fairy tales,
are not meant to last
Like so many,
that have ended in the past

One day when he was waiting for her
she never came
She died in a car crash he came to know
and the world was never the same

a year has gone by
he has become emotionless
still not over the thoughts of his princess
“Silence is golden” has lost its meaning
except now that her silence is deafening



Finding God February 20, 2010

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By Ashok

Finding God is easy
If you know where to look
You will find him in your hearts
Not in an idol, stone or book

You will find him in your parents
who are nothing short of Gods
Who are always there for you
against all the odds

You will find him in your teacher
who gives you knowledge
Who tells you what gaps to fill
Who tells you,
To find the real God, its the devil inside
You’ve to kill

You will find him in your friends
Who never take and always give
Who would rather die together
Than stay alone and live

You will find him in the happiness when you help others
For almost everyone helps their brothers
(Nowadays even that is rare to find,
Materialism has taken over big time
just to be fair to their kind.)

And last but not the least
How can you forget the cupid beast
You will find God
In the eyes of someone you hold dear
Someone whom you’ll never let go
Always want her to be near

As you see
I found God so easily
He wasn’t so hard to find
Though so different his forms are
Yet each one is



She’s The One February 19, 2010

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By my friend Ashok

Once again , sleep has evaded me
Once agin, her thoughts have persuaded me
To sit down and write
As I rack my brains searching for words
With all my might.

I am playing with my pen,
I wonder where to start.
With her staggering beauty ?
Or her beautiful heart
Describing them both
is not an easy task at all
And it doesn’t help
that I am not so poetic after all

Talking to her
is the most wonderful part of the day
I just love to listen
and she has an awful lot to say
Her voice so enchanting
It almost casts a spell,
How the time flew by
is  most difficult to tell

Watching her smile
takes away all my pains
Like a thirsty soul
searching for water
suddenly put into the rains

She has invaded my mind
Conquered my thoughts
She has made my ordered life
a little out of sorts

I would stop here
for I have other promises to keep,
I am done with this now
So I shall try going back to sleep.